Acrobat DC Beyond the Basics


This course is a general introduction to some of the more advanced features in Adobe Acrobat. Students will learn how to make documents professional and user-friendly by automating tasks, attaching files and other media to PDF files, and finalizing documents for publication.


The goal of this course is to continue developing students’ skills in Adobe Acrobat and teach them what goes into making professional-quality documents. By the end of this course, you will be able to create and edit interactive documents that are ready to be printed or sent to their destinations. Upon completion of this course, you should be ready to attend any other Acrobat Power Hour.

Course Outline:

1 – Lessons

  • Advanced Document Tools – Learn how to customize your Acrobat experience by changing document properties and initial view settings.
  • Comparing Documents – Learn how to proof documents quickly and effectively by tracking the changes between two versions.
  • Enhancing Scans – Learn how to work more easily with scanned documents by making text editable.
  • Adding Rich Media – Learn how to supplement the contents of a document with audio and video.
  • Adding Attachments to a PDF – Learn how to attach files to and open or save files from a document.
  • Automating with the Action Wizard – Learn how to automate repetitive tasks by creating actions that can be reused on multiple documents.
  • Exporting PDFs – Learn how to export documents into applications like Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Redacting PDF Content – Learn how to protect confidentiality by removing sensitive information from a document.
  • Creating Signatures and Certificates – Learn how create signatures containing encrypted identifying data about the signer to ensure authenticity.

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