Acrobat DC Getting Started with Acrobat


This course is a general introduction to Adobe Acrobat DC. Students will learn about the Adobe Acrobat software and the concepts of PDF creation and editing. The lessons in this course mostly involve navigating the Acrobat interface and navigating within documents, so this course is ideal for any beginner to working with PDFs.


The goal of this course is to introduce students to the reasons document-editing software is used as well as some of its possibilities. You will learn how to perform basic tasks, opening and searching PDF files, and by the end of this course, you will be ready to start learning about more specialized features.

Course Outline:

1 – Lessons

  • Introducing Acrobat and PDFs – Learn about the interface, purposes, and possibilities of Adobe Acrobat.
  • Accessing PDFs – Learn how to open PDF files, navigate through them with page controls, and change preferences for the application.
  • Creating PDFs – Learn about the different PDF presets and how to create documents from a webpage, from an existing file, and by combining multiple PDFs.
  • Searching PDFs – Use the search feature to quickly find text in a document or across multiple documents.
  • Creating Bookmarks – Learn how to make navigation through documents easier by creating bookmarks or importing them from Microsoft Word.
  • Creating Links – Learn how to create links to specific places within a document, to other existing documents, or to webpages.

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