Word - Get Organized with Lists and Tables


Get total control over list creation and formatting. Explore how tables can make otherwise unachievable graphic and text positioning.


Create a Bulleted List, Create a Numbered List, Create Multilevel Lists, Format Bullets Using Symbols, Modify Multilevel Lists, Modify Numbering Styles, Create Tables, Use Insert Control to Add Rows and Columns, Add Rows and Columns, Delete Rows and Columns, Merge Cell, Split Cells, Use Table Styles, Use Border Styles, Use Shading, Convert Text into a Table, Convert a Table to Text, Use Paste Special, Copy and Paste as Linked Object, Modify Embedded Objects

Course Outline:

  • Use Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Customize Lists
  • Insert Tables
  • Modify and Format Tables
  • Adjust Cells, Rows, and Columns
  • Format Tables
  • Create Tables from Existing Text
  • Embed an Excel Object

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