Word - Get Your Docs Together


Explore how to quickly solve all your document development requirements, may it be a simple letter, a colorful brochure, or an official portfolio for a product. Get shortcuts and best practices to use Microsoft Word.


Navigate the Word User Interface, Create a New Document, Open an Existing Document, Enter Text, Navigate with the Scroll Bars, Navigate with the Keyboard, Select Text by Mouse or Keyboard, Use the Cut, Copy, and Paste Commands, Discover Paste Options and Live Preview, Use the Undo and Redo Commands, Move and Copy Text with Drag and Drop, Open a PDF, Edit a PDF, Use the Save and Save As Commands, Convert a .DOC Document to Current Version, Utilize Auto Recover, View Prior Document Versions

Course Outline:

  • Get Started with Word
  • Work with Word
  • Navigate and Select Text
  • Edit Text
  • Open and Edit a PDF
  • Understand Word File Formats

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