Word - Master Long Documents


Explore how to give readers a bird’s eye view of your documents by creating a table of contents, an index and a table of figures or tables.


Create a Table of Contents, Adjust the Table of Contents Format, Modify Level Options for a Table of Contents, Update a Table of Contents, Mark Entries to the Index, Mark Subentries to the Index, Generate an Index, Update an Index, Insert a Figure Caption, Change the Label of a Caption, Generate a Table of Figures or a Table of Tables, Update a Table of Figures or Table of Tables, Explore Outline View, Rearranging a Document in Outline View, Enter Data in Outline View, Insert Text from an Existing File, Expanding, Collapsing, and Unlinking Subdocuments, Deleting a Subdocument

Course Outline:

  • Work with a Table of Contents
  • Create an Index
  • Create Tables of Figures or Tables of Tables
  • Outline View
  • Create Master Documents

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